Joe Wood

Joe Wood, President for Pacific Builders, has been with us since 2007. Throughout his tenure, Joe has developed deep insights into all aspects of the interiors construction business and has helped us continuously find ways to improve. His knowledge benefits every project we take on and keeps our clients coming back.

Leveraging his unique perspective, Joe focuses most of his time on client relations, personally overseeing projects to ensure every detail is carried out correctly. At the same time, he provides our staff with the executive leadership support and involvement they need to finish all aspects of a project with confidence. This starts by staffing each project with the right team so it can be completed on time and within budget. By ensuring that field and administrative resources are always aligned, Joe keeps people and projects on track and builds client trust from the start.

Joe is LEED AP-certified and brings that expertise to each project. He joined Pacific Builders from Rice University with a Bachelor of Science degree.

We come to the table with solutions to make projects happen and deliver amazing spaces. Equally important to us is to maintain the vision laid out by architects, designers and clients. This will always set us apart.