Our Approach

Elevate the Experience.
Every Time.

Our customers enjoy an elevated experience with detailed oversight from the preconstruction phase through completion – taking the complexity out of construction and providing the resources and executive leadership necessary to finish out extraordinary spaces.

Throughout the duration of each project, we are proactive and focused on the details. We have strong relationships with our subcontractors, collaborating with them as well as our clients to ensure that communication is ongoing and effective. Time and time again, the results are delighted clients and perhaps the biggest endorsement: repeat business.

Building Confidence

Elevated Process = Elevated Experience

Our process is designed to elevate the experience for tenants, architects, construction managers, brokers and all other involved parties. We want them confident throughout the process and delighted when the project is complete. Here’s how we get there.

Step 1

The Vision

Our clients bring us their interior designs, either directly or through our partners. This phase is where we come to understand our client’s design intent and dream big. We can carry out the most complicated designs with a meticulous eye for the details, but we always do so with the client’s budget in mind. We determine how to bring that vision to life from there.

Step 2

The Details

Due to a dedicated preconstruction team with heavy executive leadership involvement, this is where we determine the scope of a project, any challenges associated with it and line-by-line costs to implement the vision. We identify the right subcontractors from our network of approved vendors and ensure their scope matches up with the overall plan so all timelines are met.

Step 3

The Plan

We establish a great deal of our research up front. This ensures by the time we deliver the final plan with detailed takeoffs that we have accurate pricing, precise timelines and entire teams across various areas of expertise secured, aligned and ready to perform the work.

Step 4

The Result

Our mission is to organize and manage our projects so our clients can sit back and feel confident we will manage the details. To that end, we provide transparent and open communication throughout the project. Our executive leadership team has decades of construction experience with every step of the process to ensure each client’s vision is delivered and they are delighted with the final product.

It all starts with

A Dedicated Preconstruction Team

Clients enjoy a dedicated preconstruction team partnering with Pacific Builders. During this thorough stage, our team evaluates each site for access, staging, conditions and potential challenges. We also review the scope, design intent and the details that must be executed to carry out our client’s vision so that they can know everything is in good hands. Finally, through our network of qualified subcontractors and vendors, we ensure the best teams are available for the job and can work within our client’s timeline.

The biggest benefit of our preconstruction component of our business is that we properly scope budgets to leverage our services. Clients appreciate the transparency of our process before moving on to construction.

Delivering on the Details

Streamlined and Simplified Construction

Detailed planning and forecasting results in quick action once construction begins. Leading up to this stage, each project is assigned a dedicated team to review the scope, award the best subcontractors for the job and ensure every design and budget detail is reviewed and accounted for and fits into the timeline as well as the design intent. We work closely with building managers to understand building standards and requirements, as well as site accessibility. Our project managers and superintendents are experienced and so deeply involved that our clients always know what’s going on and can be as involved as they want or need to be.

Through strong communication, flexibility in the way we work with clients and an incredible eye for detail, everyone working on a project is unified and knows what’s needed to get the job done. This also allows us to identify any potential problems quickly and be completely transparent to our clients – an advantage that results in a lot of repeat work. Not only do our clients have a dedicated team that was purposefully selected for their unique project, Pacific Builders’ executive leadership team is on site daily to ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone is held accountable through completion.


Built in Safeguards

Providing a safe working environment for our employees, vendors, partners and clients is a top priority for Pacific Builders. Our superintendents are required to take a safety comprehension review prior to employment and they’re continuously tested with monthly inspections based on projects in the queue. Our safety initiatives are administered by a third-party independent company, and our superintendents ensure that safety is always top of mind by keeping it on their daily priority list.


Environmentally Sound Interiors

Using recycled and sustainable materials are a high priority at Pacific Builders. Through our LEED-certified employees and growing portfolio of LEED-certified projects, we continue to gain momentum on this front by satisfying building requirements and city restrictions that demand more sustainability in construction. Staying on top of industry trends and incorporating cost-conscious, sustainable options whenever possible has become a key part of who we are.