Project Profile


Middleby Innovative Kitchens, also known as the “MIK”, is a 40,000 square foot showroom kitchen with over 150 pieces of live working equipment. The site features a large state-of-the-art training room, 70-person dining room, and a 14-seat chef’s table in the center of the showroom itself.

Sq Ft: 40,000
Architect: Benson Hlavaty
City: Lewisville
The Pacific Builders team engaged in numerous sessions with the design and construction firms involved to ensure that the proper sizes and alignments of the utilities needed to run the equipment were present and ready when equipment was delivered and connected in the space. Power, gas, water, ventilation, and equipment dimensions were reviewed with the team item by item to ensure the utilities in the walls and below the slab were correct.
Architectural highlights include tile and terrazzo floors, decorative light fixtures, drywall cloud ceilings, wood slat ceilings, and decorative metal panels and tiles for soffits enclosing hood ductwork.