Pacific Builders 35 Years
Press Release / December 22, 2021

Brendan Mullan Retires as CEO, Takes on Pacific Builders Consulting Role

After almost three decades of committed and diligent service to the company, Pacific Builders’ Chief Executive Officer, Brendan Mullan, will be stepping down from his role as CEO, at the end of this month. Brendan will continue to serve a consulting role with Pacific Builders through 2022. He plans to retire at the end of 2022. The Pacific Builders team is extremely thankful for Brendan’s 28 years of leadership, dedication, and unmatched attention to detail.

Brendan first started working in construction in December 1982 during his Christmas break from college and has been adding value to the industry ever since. Over the years, he developed a keen understanding of the construction business and what it takes to build out the most complicated spaces, paired with the astute ability to maintain strong client and partner relationships.

Since joining Pacific Builders in July 1993, Brendan’s experience matched with his strategic vision enabled the organization to adapt to market conditions, continuously improve over the years and become one of the most highly regarded commercial and corporate interiors firms in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Holding business operations and performance to the highest standard was an unwavering expectation of Brendan’s during his entire tenure and one that he led by example. He made certain that Pacific Builders elevated the experience for clients every time with a relentless pursuit of achieving client satisfaction by working tirelessly behind-the-scenes to ensure all the moving parts of the business ran smoothly.

He was known for his proactive thinking in an often reactive industry. “Brendan could always see a challenge before it arose,” noted Steve French, Pacific Builders’ President. “He always knew the process of execution we needed to take like moves on a chess board and he could effortlessly calculate fall back plans B, C and D.”

Also distinct to Brendan’s leadership is his heart for people – not only for clients and partners, but each of Pacific Builders’ employees. “He always wanted the best for the company and every person in it and sacrificed for others so that he could create a better path than the one he walked on before us,” said Joe Wood, Pacific Builders’ Executive Vice President. “He wholeheartedly believes in doing the right thing and that imprint is plastered all over the foundation of this company.”

Cultivating Pacific Builders’ people-first culture is one of the things Brendan is most proud of. While reflecting on his career, he said, “Family-first has always been my primary focus and making sure my team knows I have their back. That is something that lives strong in our culture and will continue long after me.”

Pacific Builders is thankful for the impact Brendan has made over his 28 years with us and for his steadfast commitment to the company’s success, its employees, partners, and clients alike.