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Industry News / February 22, 2022

Keeping a Pulse on Supply Chain Issues

We believe in taking the complexity out of even the most complicated projects and delivering spaces that inspire. To do so, we are actively keeping a pulse on the unprecedented supply chain issues facing the construction industry as a whole.

Read below for the materials and sectors currently affecting project schedules in 2022:

  • Electrical Components
    • Electrical components including light fixtures, panels and switch gear require a lead time of 8+ weeks, as opposed to the prior 4–6-week lead time.
    • Lighting controls present the biggest challenge as manufacturers have difficulty filling orders. For many jobs, we are having to install temporary standard switches to control lights, even with some control components going the full project duration without having a confirmed ship date.
  • HVAC Components
    • All local manufacturers of sheet metal and grilles are struggling to keep up with demand, causing fabrication timelines to be 4+ weeks for standard duct work and more for specialty duct work. Just a year ago, these timelines were 1-2 weeks.
    • Normally made-to-order in 6-8 weeks, Building Air Handler units and package rooftop units are now running 12-14 weeks or longer as a result of shortages and COVID-related manufacturing delays.
  • Drywall, Framing & Insulation Materials
    • Light gauge metal framing now has a lead time of up to 8 weeks despite normally taking 2-4 weeks.
    • Heavy gauge metal studs and “long studs” are running from 8-22 weeks depending on the quantity needed for any given project.
    • Drywall materials have remained available in at least 4 weeks.
    • Manufacturers have warned that insulation materials are a major concern. Rigid insulation materials for building envelopes and built-up roofing are serious long-lead issues for those needing large quantities. However, materials like sound batts used in tenant interior work have not affected project schedules thus far.
  • Doors, Frames, Hardware and Glazing
    • Door manufactures for large stain grade solid core doors are currently 8-12 weeks from approved submittals.
    • Instead of taking 4-6 weeks, door frame and hardware materials now take 10-12 weeks for basic clear anodized aluminum from approval.
    • Door hardware has remained steady at around 6-8 weeks and makes most project schedules.
    • Glass door hardware lead times have been consistently around 6 weeks and have not affected project schedules thus far. Custom, made-to-order or specialty hardware like Blumcraft presents severe lead time challenges that could be well over 12 weeks after approval to receive.
    • ¼” and ½” glazing is normally manufactured in 5-7 days or less but local lead times are now over two weeks in many cases.
  • Finishes – Flooring, Paint, Base, Fabrics and Wallcoverings
    • Paint lead time is now 2 weeks despite never having a lead time of more than a single day previously.
    • When produced domestically, carpet lead times have maintained a 6–7-week lead time. Carpet has remained the steadiest material during the pandemic.
    • Whether produced domestically or not, tile is the most unreliable finish in the market to get lead times and ship dates for. If a job requires tile, it needs to be prioritized right behind lighting and HVAC equipment.